Math 034 Homework #5

For next Wednesday, please complete the following problems:

  • 4.1: 11-42 (all odds), 55-90 (all odds)
  • 4.2: 1-56 (all odds)
  • 4.3: 1-48 (all odds)
  • 4.4: 1-74 (all odds)
  • 4.5: 1-36 (all odds)

I realize that this is an awful lot of problems.  I want to remind you that I do not require you to do every problem that is assigned, but instead I assign the problems hoping that you will do a ‘bunch’ of them and, ultimately, that you will learn the problem types. So, just do as many of them as you need to do in order to understand the problem types.  The homework is due on Wednesday (Feb 22) and we will have a quiz the same evening over this material.

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