This PreCalculus course consists of 52 lectures all available for free on  To help with mastery, I have included 13 homework problem sets (and solutions) that students should work on as they move through the lectures.

Course Description

PreCalculus is a course that is usually taken to prepare students for beginning the study of calculus.  There are three broad subjects that are reviewed/introduced in this course (1) Algebra and Functions, (2) Trigonometry, (3) Sequences and Series.  For the first topic, we assume background in algebra (i.e. a College Algebra course) and we review these topics in preparation for Calculus.  For the second topic, we assume no prior trigonometry but develop the subject from first notions and cover most (80%)of the key concepts of a standalone Trigonometry course.  For the final section, we do not assume any prior instruction on sequences/series.  This section is very introductory and should be thought of as early exposure to a calculus topic that is frequently daunting to students.

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 (lectures 1-4) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 2(lectures 5-8) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 3(lectures 9-12) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 4(lectures 13-16) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 5(lectures 17-20) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 6(lectures 21-24) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 7(lectures 25-28) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 8(lectures 29-32) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 9(lectures 33-36) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 10(lectures 37-40) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 11(lectures 41-44) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 12(lectures 45-48) (problems)(solutions)

Problem Set 13(lectures 49-52) (problems)(solutions)