Math 034 HW and Quiz

We’ll be having our last quiz of the semester on Wednesday, April 11th. The quiz will be based on the following homework problems:

  • 8.1: #1-38 (odds)
  • 8.2: #1-36 (odds)
  • 8.3: #1-22 (odds)
  • 8.3: #1-44 (odds)

Students may turn in this homework either Wednesday night (11th) or Monday night (16th).  Our third exam will be on Monday, April 23rd and our comprehensive final exam will be a week later on Monday, April 30th (both during regular class times).

For students who’s attendance has waned since spring break, I highly recommend attending class in the next few weeks as a considerable portion of your final grade will be based on the above activities.



Math 34 HW and Quiz #7

The next quiz will be on Wednesday, March 14th and will cover the following homework problems:

  • 6.1: 5-28 (odds), 35-54 (odds)
  • 6.2: 1-28 (odds), 37-60 (odds)
  • 6.3: 1-36 (odds)

As you can see the homework is considerably shorter this time and that is because I’d like to get us back to having quizzes on Wednesday, as I feel that it is more convenient for everybody.  I encourage you to begin the homework as soon as possible, and I will cover the above three section on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Math 34: Exam Two

As discussed on Monday, we will be having our second exam on Monday (March 5th).  The exam will cover all of the material dealt with in HW#4, HW#5, and HW#6, which is sections 3.4-3.7, 4.1-4.5, and 5.1-5.5 from our textbook, respectively.  As before, we will not be allowing calculators or notes while taking the exam, so concentrate on memorizing how to perform the various calculations quickly and accurately. 

A word on memorization: Memorization has a place in mathematics, but it should not be a huge component of your intellectual edeavors in math 34.  That is, until now we have not encountered many (if any) formulas that would require explicit memorization if the underlying concept is understood.  If you find that you are struggling to remember how to perform the varied calculations, I recommend asking questions in class that might strengthen you understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts being performed in the calculation.  Once you understand the concept, it is not really necessary (at this point in your development) to memorize much.

Math 034 // HW and Quiz #6

For HW#6, I’d like you to work through the following problems:

  • 5.1: 1-20 (all odds)
  • 5.2: 1-10 (all odds)
  • 5.3: 1-56 (all odds)
  • 5.4: 1-11 (all odds)
  • 5.5: 1-20 (all odds)

This homework will be due on Wednesday, February 29th.  Again, do not worry about perfectly completing all of the problems but rather, focus on the problem types and make sure that you understand how to do the more difficult examples from each.  The next quiz will (as always) be given on the evening when the homework is due and you will be allowed to use your homework while completing the quiz.

Math 034 Homework #5

For next Wednesday, please complete the following problems:

  • 4.1: 11-42 (all odds), 55-90 (all odds)
  • 4.2: 1-56 (all odds)
  • 4.3: 1-48 (all odds)
  • 4.4: 1-74 (all odds)
  • 4.5: 1-36 (all odds)

I realize that this is an awful lot of problems.  I want to remind you that I do not require you to do every problem that is assigned, but instead I assign the problems hoping that you will do a ‘bunch’ of them and, ultimately, that you will learn the problem types. So, just do as many of them as you need to do in order to understand the problem types.  The homework is due on Wednesday (Feb 22) and we will have a quiz the same evening over this material.

Math 34 Homework #4

For homwork #4 please complete the following exercises:

  • 3.4 #5-52 (odds)
  • 3.5 #1-36 (odds)
  • 3.6 #1-24 (odds)
  • 3.7 #1-22 (odds)

This homework will be due on Wednesday, February 15th

REMEMBER: we are having our first exam on Wednesday, February 8th.  To best prepare for the exam, I encourage you to work out as many of the problems listed on the review sheet as possible, with obvious emphasis on the more difficult ones (if you can do the hard ones, you should be very well prepared for the exam).  We will have a review session on Monday, February 6th; I strongly encourage you all to attend and ask questions regarding concepts or any of the specific review problems that you didn’t understand.


Math 034 Homework #3

The problems that I would like you to master for this week’s homework are:

  • 2.6: 1-44 (all odds)
  • 2.7: 9-40 (all odd)
  • 3.1: 1-50 (all odds)
  • 3.2: 1-40 (all odds)
  • 3.3: 1-59 (all odds)

This homework will be due on Wednesday, February 1st at the end of class.  We will (as usual) have a quiz over this material the same night, and I encourage you to complete you homework as thoroughly as possible so that you understand all of the problems and are able to replicate the calculations and procedures on the quiz.  Everybody is doing a really great job so far, so keep it up!  As always, we’ll begin on Wednesday by taking questions, so if there are any problems on the homework that you didn’t understand or couldn’t complete, be sure to ask for help on Wednesday night.

Math 034: Homework #2

For homework #2, please complete the following problems:

  • Section 2.1 #47-76 (all odds)
  • Section 2.2 #1,2,4 and 5
  • Section  2.3 #1-26 (all odds)
  • Section 2.4 #1-34 (all odds)
  • Section 2.5 #1-40 (all odds)

This homework will be due next Wednesday (the 25th) and we will have quiz #2 on the same night.  I realize that we’ve only covered sections 2.1 and 2.2, but I assign the homework early so that students may have the choice of beginning it early and working ahead. We will complete sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 on Monday night after discussing the quiz and taking questions over the previous material. Finally, as a reminder, I do allow students to use their homework while taking the quizzes, so a great way to improve your quiz scores is to complete your homework entirely and to show your work (i.e. all of the steps you use in your calculations) in a detailed fashion.

Math 034: Homework #1

For homework #1, please complete the following problems:

  • Section 1.1  #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.2  #1-26 (all odds)
  • Section 1.3 #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.4  #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.5  #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.6  #1-24 (all odds) and 31, 35, 51 and 59
  • Section 1.7  #5-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.9  #1-16 (all odds) and #30-54 (all odds)

This homework is due at the end of class on Wednesday (the 18th).  We will also have a quiz over the above material the same night.  Remember, I will allow you to use your homework as a reference when taking the quiz, so it is in your best interest to make your homework as detailed and complete as possible.  Have a good holiday!