Math 034: Homework #1

For homework #1, please complete the following problems:

  • Section 1.1  #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.2  #1-26 (all odds)
  • Section 1.3 #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.4  #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.5  #1-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.6  #1-24 (all odds) and 31, 35, 51 and 59
  • Section 1.7  #5-30 (all odds)
  • Section 1.9  #1-16 (all odds) and #30-54 (all odds)

This homework is due at the end of class on Wednesday (the 18th).  We will also have a quiz over the above material the same night.  Remember, I will allow you to use your homework as a reference when taking the quiz, so it is in your best interest to make your homework as detailed and complete as possible.  Have a good holiday!


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