Math 034 Homework #3

The problems that I would like you to master for this week’s homework are:

  • 2.6: 1-44 (all odds)
  • 2.7: 9-40 (all odd)
  • 3.1: 1-50 (all odds)
  • 3.2: 1-40 (all odds)
  • 3.3: 1-59 (all odds)

This homework will be due on Wednesday, February 1st at the end of class.  We will (as usual) have a quiz over this material the same night, and I encourage you to complete you homework as thoroughly as possible so that you understand all of the problems and are able to replicate the calculations and procedures on the quiz.  Everybody is doing a really great job so far, so keep it up!  As always, we’ll begin on Wednesday by taking questions, so if there are any problems on the homework that you didn’t understand or couldn’t complete, be sure to ask for help on Wednesday night.


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