Math 34 Homework #4

For homwork #4 please complete the following exercises:

  • 3.4 #5-52 (odds)
  • 3.5 #1-36 (odds)
  • 3.6 #1-24 (odds)
  • 3.7 #1-22 (odds)

This homework will be due on Wednesday, February 15th

REMEMBER: we are having our first exam on Wednesday, February 8th.  To best prepare for the exam, I encourage you to work out as many of the problems listed on the review sheet as possible, with obvious emphasis on the more difficult ones (if you can do the hard ones, you should be very well prepared for the exam).  We will have a review session on Monday, February 6th; I strongly encourage you all to attend and ask questions regarding concepts or any of the specific review problems that you didn’t understand.



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