Math 63: HW #5



The homework assignment for this week was to read section 4.3 and do all of the odd numbered problems.  There will be a short quiz over this material at class on Saturday (Oct 5th).


Math 63: Homework #4

math-063The homework for this week is:

  • 3.7 (all odds)
  • 4.1 (all odds)
  • 4.2 (all odds)

We will be having our first exam this saturday, which will cover all of the material through chapter 3.6.  Please review the practice exam that I handed out during class and utilize the Urban Campus’ AAC if you have difficulties.  The exam will be closed book and closed notes, so you will need to be able to remember how to do each problem without any reference materials.

Math 034 HW and Quiz

We’ll be having our last quiz of the semester on Wednesday, April 11th. The quiz will be based on the following homework problems:

  • 8.1: #1-38 (odds)
  • 8.2: #1-36 (odds)
  • 8.3: #1-22 (odds)
  • 8.3: #1-44 (odds)

Students may turn in this homework either Wednesday night (11th) or Monday night (16th).  Our third exam will be on Monday, April 23rd and our comprehensive final exam will be a week later on Monday, April 30th (both during regular class times).

For students who’s attendance has waned since spring break, I highly recommend attending class in the next few weeks as a considerable portion of your final grade will be based on the above activities.


Math 34 HW and Quiz #7

The next quiz will be on Wednesday, March 14th and will cover the following homework problems:

  • 6.1: 5-28 (odds), 35-54 (odds)
  • 6.2: 1-28 (odds), 37-60 (odds)
  • 6.3: 1-36 (odds)

As you can see the homework is considerably shorter this time and that is because I’d like to get us back to having quizzes on Wednesday, as I feel that it is more convenient for everybody.  I encourage you to begin the homework as soon as possible, and I will cover the above three section on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Math 34: Exam Two

As discussed on Monday, we will be having our second exam on Monday (March 5th).  The exam will cover all of the material dealt with in HW#4, HW#5, and HW#6, which is sections 3.4-3.7, 4.1-4.5, and 5.1-5.5 from our textbook, respectively.  As before, we will not be allowing calculators or notes while taking the exam, so concentrate on memorizing how to perform the various calculations quickly and accurately. 

A word on memorization: Memorization has a place in mathematics, but it should not be a huge component of your intellectual edeavors in math 34.  That is, until now we have not encountered many (if any) formulas that would require explicit memorization if the underlying concept is understood.  If you find that you are struggling to remember how to perform the varied calculations, I recommend asking questions in class that might strengthen you understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts being performed in the calculation.  Once you understand the concept, it is not really necessary (at this point in your development) to memorize much.